Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Bits

Our little town of Leuven is contained in a circle - the Ring road is the border of town, and we never really have any reason to exit our little bubble. Plus, without a car, there's not many places we can really go. Yesterday, however, we decided to go for a walk, and go beyond the ring... and what a wonderful adventure we had...

It felt like we had left town and were on vacation somewhere far away, even though we were only a 30 minute walk from home. Walking through the woods, down quiet streets, across vast lawns, over old wooden bridges... It was like walking through a fairy tale.

Sometimes that's all it takes to feel refreshed...

(ps Have you been watching the Olympics?? Around here, all we really care about is basketball... MES UZ LIETUVA!)


  1. Where's the bump...I wanna see the bumpette!! xxx

    1. how about you come back already... we miss you!!!

  2. Wow. Looks AMAZING <3