Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mixing it up...

Around here, at least one meal a day consists of a hearty salad... we've run the gamut from Southwest inspired salads with black beans, corn and cilantro dressing, to Chinese chicken salads, to simple tomato and basil side salads. Even now I have a pasta salad chilling in the fridge for lunch today - packed with more veggies than bowties and dressed with a light lemony vinaigrette. With seemingly endless combinations, salads are the perfect meal.... 


I'm getting tired of them.  

Enter.... THE SANDWICH. Who would've thought that a good ol fashioned sandwich would be such a welcome change of pace.... I love sandwiches, but because of the million ridiculous pregnancy warnings about eating deli meats and a slew of other restrictions, I've veered away from them (other than an occasional panini at our fave little panini joint). The past couple days, however, we've enjoyed mixing it up:

Open faced mozzarella, tomato, basil, avocado sammies:

Chicken breast, arugula, tomato, avocado with goat cheese & a balsamic-dijon dressing:

Salads will remain in constant rotation... but we'll toss a couple sandwich combos in the mix as well. Any favorite preggo-friendly-non-deli-meat combos we should try? 


  1. Cool, NOW I'M HUNGRY.

    I like egg salad + arugula + bacon on a baguette! And grilled cheese. Always grilled cheese.

    1. Ooooh, I'll have to make a lil egg salad this week. I ate my weight in grilled cheesies during my first trimester. It was all I wanted... we took a little break from them, but they're making a comeback these days for sure.

  2. i love sammies! when i was a kid, we always had mini pizzas on english muffins w cheese melted on top...and you can put whatever you want on it after a slab of tomato or pesto sauce. mmm :)

    1. oh yes! i love these... this is actually Didz's specialty. whenever he offers to make dinner, chances are it'll be english muffin pizzas :) so good. and so many topping options!