Friday, August 24, 2012

One last lunch

On Wednesday afternoon, Didz and I invited a handful of friends over for one last hurrah at our place. The intense heat from the weekend had broken, making it the perfect time to sit on the patio and reminisce about the whirlwind year we just had. From daylight to candlelight we sat outside, laughing, eating, drinking, and squeezing in some final memory-making before our final farewells next week.

I prepared a few different salads, a cold cucumber soup, and mini chicken tacos, while Didz made sure the drinks were flowing.

Even though we still have a few fun-filled days left as a group, saying good-bye at the end of the evening was hard. We've become so close and created such great friendships with these people - it's hard to believe we won't get to see them on a daily basis anymore, and they won't just be popping by unannounced when they're out on our street (good riddance! ;) ... And, as to be expected from a bunch of MBAs, nobody knows what their future holds or where they'll get jobs, but we're all looking forward to  future travels to visit everyone where ever they land.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Graduation to Didz! Happy Baseball Weekend to our friends in Toronto... and a very Happy Wedding to my darling friend Mollie! I love you Molls!


  1. Looks lovely - and your menu sounds delicious! :)

  2. Wow I just saw this, A! I made your blog! Yayyy! xx