Monday, August 27, 2012

One year ago...

Looking back to our wedding, it's easy to overlook the details of our wedding day: getting ready with my girlfriends in our cabin at Camp Neringa, the beautiful ceremony in the woods with our incredible musician friends echoing through the trees, the smile I couldn't wipe off my face - even through the tears as I married the love of my life, then boogying the night away together as husband and wife. 

All that gets overshadowed by Irene: the (attempted) emergency evacuation Sunday morning, running through ankle deep water through pouring rain to try to get out of camp before the bridge got washed away (carrying our cat wrapped in a towel like a football)... and then, after finding out the bridge was gone, the three days of being stranded at "Camp Weddinga". Three days of mixed emotions - the initial fear, worry and concern giving way to a pretty spectacular display of camaraderie amongst the 100 guests (or hostages, as we liked to call them) who were stuck there with us. Our friends from across the US and Canada came together to share their talents during the Talent Show the first evening (we have some seriously talented friends), then created an awesome activity schedule to keep our days occupied, including bread baking, yoga, mushroom picking, massage therapy, and a solid attempt at crab-apple liquor making. From water conservation (we were a little stinky until the shower schedule was established) to food rationing (kids and pregnant ladies eat first! only one sausage each! two meals a day!) to coffee rationing, to meal prep and clean up, everyone banded together to get through it... thank goodness we were well stocked in the wine and liquor department (otherwise things could've gotten ugly). Yes, the wedding itself gets overshadowed by the hurricane, the drama, and the rescue mission. But it was our wedding, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Happy Anniversary, Didz. 
Best year of my life. 

(Wedding photos by A Love Supreme - see more here and here, chopper photo by Inga)


  1. Happy anniversary to you both. Such a lovely post and memories!

  2. Happy anniversary to two very wonderful people! Your lives together started out with a 'bang' aka Hurricane Irene - so may you have many, many years together with the most wonderful 'fireworks' that keep your love for one another going strong!