Tuesday, August 14, 2012


As many of you may know (or remember from this post), when I was twenty, I took off for a year-long Spanish adventure. I was living with the most wonderful woman, Nina, who took in a couple students every year. Her own children were all grown, married and out of the house, and I like to think we kept her company and brought joy to her days... though to be honest, I'm not sure how she didn't want to kill us for stumbling in at 6am after getting our fill of the Spanish nightlife. Despite what she may have thought of our late nights, she always prepared incredible meals for us. 

Towards the end of my stay with Nina, I asked her for her Tortilla Espanola recipe, which was my absolute favorite thing. She laughed a little - for her, something like Tortilla doesn't have a recipe, it's just something she can throw together with her eyes closed. But she humored me and explained how she makes it... and now, almost ten years later, I will still occasionally make it and think back to my time in Spain. It doesn't come out as pretty as hers, but the flavor is pretty close to how I remember it. 

I found this recipe, which is more or less how Nina taught me (though it doesn't mention salt/pepper, which I always add rather generously), but I'm sure there are countless variations out there. This time I taught Didz how to make it... and in a few years, I'm looking forward to teaching Didzette. 

I think she'll like it. 

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