Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekend Bits (Tuesday Edition)

Our weekend was jam packed with parties and fun: celebrating my darling graduate's accomplishments and saying goodbye to his classmates on Friday, eating my weight at a fabulous BBQ hosted by our dear friend Pieter's family on Saturday, and to top it all off, a surprise baby shower some friends (with Didz's help) threw for me on Sunday! Needless to say, by Monday (our Anniversary), I was pooped, so we spent the day lounging and relaxing and eating leftover treats from the baby shower, ordering take-out, reminiscing about the crazy year we just had and getting excited knowing that the adventures are just beginning for us.

Here's a glimpse:

graduates all lined up
my view during the graduation ceremony - gazing out the window was far more interesting than the speeches
bobby caught us 
chit-chat and laughter
eating, drinking and awakening our hearts
didz & sushant
catia & ariane
bobby lounging in the grass

The half-laughing, half-crying look of total surprise Didz caught on camera when I arrived to the baby shower:

didzette's new mousey friend

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, dear friends... Let's all have a relaxing week.

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