Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blueberry Crumble and some ramblings

This week has really been flying by. Between shopping for baby gear (We bought a stroller the other day! Somehow, shopping for baby stuff makes it feel so much more real.) and scheduling our days around Team Lithuania's basketball games, the week has all but disappeared. And don't even get me started on the fact that it's AUGUST already. Where does the time go? The other evening Didz and I were saying that when we were kids, summer felt like a blissful eternity - three glorious months of sunshine and summer camp and fun. Now, three months goes by in the blink of an eye... Three months from now we will have a baby living here.

I get these waves of disbelief and reality sinking in, of excitement and total fear, of feeling prepared one minute and then absolutely clueless about what is about to happen to us the next. So instead of trying to keep up with my worries, doubts and joys, I buy a bajillion blueberries and make blueberry crumble.

It helps. I promise.


  1. I bet that helps!

    The thing is, we never really know what is to come nor can truly prep and plan for it, but there are times when we actually REALIZE that. Embrace the unknown, or at least, crumble into blueberry crumbles.

    Love you.

  2. Well this looks just delightful. And I know what you mean about time passing so quickly - it's amazing how that seems to happen as we get older!