Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dinner a la Ariane

We had dinner at our friend Ariane's gorgeous apartment in Brussels last week. Not only is her flat absolutely envy-inducing, she's a tremendous cook and the *ultimate* hostess. It was a fabulous evening... complete with a rack of lamb, lots of wine, and even a hilarious dodgeball game in her gigantic open living room (for the record, I'd like the world to know that at the end of the game it was me vs Didz. We were the last two standing - and I knocked his booty OUT for the win!)
(Good game, darling. Love you.)

The architecture, design, and details of this place were perfectly executed - complete with a red bathtub in the bedroom.... *swoon*

And a light indicating if the restroom is being used... 

We had such a fun evening - we almost missed the last train back to Leuven (which wouldn't have been ALL bad... the guest room looked quite inviting, and I would've very happily had a nice long soak in the red tub). 

We have plans for another evening at Ariane's after the holidays which I'm excited to tell you about (hint: it involves an empty chalkboard wall that needs some creative attention).... But more on that later. 

I can't believe it's Thanksgiving week back home... We'll be celebrating this weekend in Paris! 

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