Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Brugge Like A Peach

Sunday we took a little day trip to Brugge with TK. The weather was chilly, and unbelievably foggy - creating a rather eerie backdrop to the medieval city.

We walked around, stopped for lunch, walked some more, popped into a bar to warm up, walked a bit, drank a bit... {and repeat}... until our train took us back to Leuven late in the evening. 

When evening fell, the eerie feeling in the town turned positively haunting... The glowing buildings in the fog, the stillness of the canals, the sound of horses clopping through the narrow cobblestone streets... It was all very surreal. 

Before going, I had heard from various friends that Brugge was lovely, and felt like a fairy tale - the three of us, however, decided our experience evoked more of a 'Jack the Ripper' style nightmarish feel. While I hope to go back in the spring or summer and see the picturesque town in the sunshine, I'm so glad we got to experience it in the foggy haze. It feels like a distant memory, or a strange dream that I can't shake.