Monday, November 21, 2011


I love Amsterdam. The canals, the energy, the people, the buildings that lean ever so slightly forward... It was short little trip - but it was so nice to get away, and spend one last weekend with Tomas before he went back to Toronto.

Me and TK (photo cred: Didz)
Admittedly, Didz and I didn't do any of the touristy stuff (I had been to Amsterdam once before in 2003 and saw the Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum and just about every coffeeshop in the city). This time we just wandered.... and it was lovely.

Friday night we happened upon a gem of a biker bar... where Blue Suede ShoesBye Bye Love and That'll Be The Day among many other 50s hits rocked the bar in between the super amazing live band playing songs from that era, and large bald tattooed biker men flawlessly jumped, jived and swung their partners around to the beats. It was phenomenal. 

Saturday night, after an overly filling three course meal we sat ourselves down at a little bar, and drank gin & tonics until we were the last ones there. It was sad to say goodbye to TK on Sunday morning, and quite a bummer to leave Amsterdam... but I have a feeling we'll be back soon. 

Thanks for a super fun couple of weeks, TommyK! Come back soon.... and stay for good! 

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  1. loving your blog, austequita! and "hamsterdam"...look how far you've come since our days of travel writing class, haha :) glad to see you're doing well and loving life in europa! xoxo, mo