Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Artist in the Loft

On Saturday evening, our friends Ariane and Serena hosted a fabulous little party - the first in a series of "Artist in the Loft" parties they plan on hosting. They asked me to come and draw on their chalkboard wall, while guests mingled, ate, drank, laughed and critiqued.... then in six months, they'll wash my drawing away and host the party again with another friend doing the drawing. It's a brilliant idea, and they get a rotating wall of art without having to buy, frame, or hang anything!

Here's the invitation Didz and I created for the event:

And here are a just a few snapshots Stella took throughout the course of the evening:

The children's corner
Ariane - hostessing perfected.
Birthday cakes in the bakery window for ABP 
Drawing juice - G&T with cucumber and rosemary
And then came the jellyfish....

Finishing touches and my biggest critics 

It was a fantastic evening. Didz and I have decided when we buy our dream home the first wall we paint will be done in chalkboard paint so we could host similar parties... and drink, mingle and draw with our friends back home. Consider yourselves invited... 


  1. my birthday cup runneth over!! such a beautifully auste creation!!

  2. I'm super excited for the wall to be incorporated in your house. Is a hammock or sexy shower part of it, too?

    Also, I'm SO proud of you for your creation and powering through the evening. The wall is lovely and I'm so glad I got to see it come about!!! xxo