Friday, January 20, 2012

Chocolate Tasting Results

Once we got home from The Official Belgian Chocolate Tour, we plated each bunch of chocolates separately, labeling the plates with the name of the chocolate shop from which they came. 

And then we ate.

Each piece was savored, discussed and ranked in comparison with the others... Subtle flavor combinations were noted... a surprising crunch here, a velvety lightness there... phrases like "a long lavendery finish" were used (as if we had ANY idea what we were talking about)....

It was a really tough job - but somebody had to do it.... 


1. Pierre Marcolini
2. Mary
3. Alex & Alex
4. Wittamer
5. Neuhaus
6. Galler

Neuhaus/Galler are interchangeable in the bottom two spots, and Mary and Alex&Alex were a very close match-up.... but Pierre was the clear winner. I look forward to continuing my research on the subject, and sharing my findings with you in the future... Or come to Belgium and try them out for yourselves!


  1. I just drooled on my computer

  2. I realized yesterday that it was dumb for me not to bring back extras of these. What was I thinking?