Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snickerdoodles for the soul

Growing up, snickerdoodles were my favorite cookie - I'm not sure which part I loved more, saying "snickerdoodle" (often repeatedly until I got tongue tied), baking, or eating the cinnamon-sugary treat. When Didz and I first moved in together, the poor guy had NEVER had one before - I remedied that immediately, and we've been enjoying them together ever since.

I made them last night, because sometimes having a cup of tea and a snickerdoodle is the only way to end a cold, rainy January day. They're not a glamorous cookie. They're not complicated, they don't require any fancy ingredients, and they certainly don't require a huge time commitment - a few minutes to mix up the cookie dough, 8 minutes in the oven, VOILA! The result is pure delight, every time.

For the past few years, I've been using this recipe (cutting down the butter and the sugar just a bit). I like it because it doesn't use cream of tartar like other classic snickerdoodle recipes require (because who actually has cream of tartar in their cupboard?).

They certainly did the trick last night - the cozy, warm, cinnamony smell in the apartment made everything better.

Today, however, I think we'll have to invite some friends up for cookies, otherwise I will eat all of them. Every last one.


  1. I'm with you - snickersoodles are a perfect comfort food. I baked them with Sean last week! Love your comment re: cream of tartar, I actually googled "substitute for cream of tartar" because of course I didn't have it in my pantry. Turns out you can just double the baking soda. :) But I'll try your recipe next time!

    1. I'm sure they were a perfect treat in snowy Seattle!! And I have a feeling Sean is the cutest baker on the block! I hope you're all doing well! xo