Thursday, January 5, 2012

Barcelona: Part 2

Aside from all the eating and drinking we did in Barcelona (which you can read about here), we did see some sights and take in some culture. We're certainly not the type of family to plan out a day by day, hour by hour itinerary - typically we just set out wandering in the general direction of some park/cathedral/monument/tourist site and find additional little gems along the way.

Sometimes we just get lost.

(Most of the time we end up at a bar.)

Sagrada Familia

The "ugly" side
It's been about 8 years since I've used my knowledge of the Spanish language - but I'm amazed at how much came back to me in just a short week of talking to taxi drivers, shop owners, bartenders and waiters... Shopping at the large market, La Boqueria, was a very good review of vocabulary (especially names of las frutas y verduras). 

We spent one afternoon wandering through Park Guell - which is a marvel (though overly crowded with tourists). I had a bit of a cold so my dad filled the flask my mom got me for Christmas with cognac to keep me well medicated during our stroll through the park.... and magically, the next day I was good as new!

And of course there was a pit-stop or two on the way home....

If you've never been to Barcelona, I highly recommend it - I feel like in the week we were there we barely scraped the tip of the iceburg... There's so much more to see, enjoy and experience... so many more narrow streets in the Barrio Gotico to wander through, so many more tapas to eat... I hope Didz and I have a chance to visit again - and tour through the rest of Spain as well. I'd love to show him my old stomping ground in Madrid, take him to La Alhambra in Granada, sip wine in the Rioja region, cider in Asturias, lie on the beach on la Costa Brava, see the Mosque/Cathedral of Cordoba..... I could go on.... instead I'll just start pressuring him to plan our next trip back to Spain...

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