Tuesday, January 24, 2012


The little park next to our building is always bustling. Sometimes what I see is totally normal - kids playing on the playground, guys throwing around a frisbee, couples canoodling, teenage punks smoking dope after school.....

Sometimes, however, I see something like this:

And I wonder what the hell is going on in this crazy little Belgian town.....

Camel rides? In the middle of our little park? On a chilly January afternoon in Leuven? Sure. Totally normal.

Not... strange... at.... all....

And this, boys and girls, is why I take my camera with me EVERYWHERE. Because you never when there might be a camel in the park.

(I admit, it did cross my mind to line up and go for a ride... kinda kicking myself for not doing it. It might be my biggest regret to date.)


  1. Certainly never thought I would text the words, "There's a camel in the park. Go. No joke."

  2. The only strange thing would be if the camel walked over the ponds.