Monday, January 9, 2012


Giedre approved

Our dear friend Giedre came to visit for a long weekend after her fabulous escapades in Paris and brought a fantastic new (to me) game... BANANAGRAMS... It's a fast paced Scrabble style game, which is unbelievably fun... and we played for *hours*. One night we came home from a bar early and played until 3 o'clock in the morning. It's addictive and challenging and so awesome.

The judges did not rule kindly to my usage of "ab" as a singular... "I do sit-ups to work out my ab" didn't fly... nor did they like my singlular "jean".... Unfair ruling, if you ask me. 

I think this game would be an awesome hostess gift to bring to a friend's place and would be a great game to play during weekends at the cottage (it'll absolutely join us on our next trip up to the Didz family cottage) and especially to bust out after dinner with friends... we laughed, we called each other out on made up words and mis-spellings, we got super competitive and had a fantastic time. I have a feeling Didz and I will be doing a lot of Bananagram-ing together. 

Thanks, Gied! 

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  1. "Jean" is a type of fabric. I would accept it :)
    (And yes, Bananagrams is an amazing game! A staple in the Ycas family get-togethers)